Science Courses

Teachers from the Dept. of Education supervise each course and a team of CCNY instructors and advanced undergraduate / graduate students teach the courses. All students will receive FREE textbooks and tutoring if needed. Students will receive credit for each course they successfully complete.

Course: EAS - Fundamentals of Earth System Science (EAS 106)
Grades: 9/10 Credits: Non-Credit
Description: A systematic global view of the features, processes, and underlying scientific concepts of the earth, atmosphere, and oceans, emphasizing environmental applications.

Course: General Chemistry (CHEM 103)
Grades: 9/10 Credits: 1 High School Elective Credit
Description: An in-depth introduction to the fundamental laws and techniques of chemistry for majors in science and engineering. Topics include: measurement; stoichiometry; the gaseous state; thermochemistry; atomic structure and chemical bonding; redox reactions; solids, liquids and intermolecular forces.

Course: General Physics (PHYS 203)
Grades: 10/11 Credits: 1 High School Elective Credit
Description: Fundamental ideas and laws of physics from mechanics to modern physics. Included are Newton´s laws of motion, electricity and magnetism, heat, optics, relativity, quantum mechanics and nuclear physics. Emphasis is on basic principles and general laws. Use of mathematics is restricted to elementary algebra and some trigonometry.

Course: Physics - Mechanics (PHYS 207)
Grades: 10/11 Credits: 1 High School Elective Credit
Description: ectors, equilibrium, rectilinear motion. Newton´s laws, gravitation, motion in a plane, work and energy, impulse and momentum, rotation and angular momentum, simple harmonic motion, fluids, heat and thermodynamics, waves and acoustics, electrostatics, magnetism and electromagnetism, direct and alternating current, geometrical and physical optics.
Pre-Req: have completed 1st year of physics in HS 90%.