Mathematics Courses

Teachers from the Dept. of Education supervise each course and a team of CCNY instructors and advanced undergraduate / graduate students teach the courses. All students will receive FREE textbooks and tutoring if needed. Students will receive credit for each course they successfully complete.

Course: College Algebra and Trigonometry (Math190)
Grades: 9/10 Credits: 1 High School Elective Credit
Description: Introduction to functions, rational expressions and their applications, rational exponents, conic sections, Gaussian elimination and determinants, nonlinear systems of equations, introductions to trigonometric functions.
Pre-Req: Math A Regent: 90% or HS Average of 90% or better.

Course: Pre-Calculus (Math195)
Grades: 10/11 Credits: 1 High School Elective Credit
Description: Intervals, inequalities, operations on functions, inverse functions, graphing polynomial and rational functions, binomial theorem, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions and formulas.
Pre-Req: Have completed with 90% better or been placed by STEM´s Placement exam.

Course: Calculus (Math201)
Grades: 10/11 Credits: High School Elective Credit
Description: Limits, derivatives, rules of differentiation, trigonometric functions and their derivatives, Newton´s Method, differentials, graph sketching, maximum and minimum problems, related rates, introduction to integration, areas.
Pre-Req: Have completed math B Regent 90% or been placed by STEM´s placement exam.