We offer an array an advanced course such as Introduction to Computer Methods for Engineering and Science, Fundamentals of Earth System Science, General Chemistry, General Physics, Physics - Mechanics, Critical Reading and Writing, College Algebra and Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus

Teachers from the respective departments where these courses are offred supervise each course and a team of CCNY instructors and advanced undergraduate / graduate students teach the courses.

All students will receive FREE textbooks and tutoring if needed. Students will receive credit for each course they successfully complete.

CCNY STEM Institute Eligibility

  • High School Average of 85% or higher
  • Math Average of 90% or higher
  • Math A Regent 90% or higher (10th & 11th)
  • Math B Regent 90% or higher (Calculus I)
  • Demonstrated “Ganas” – Spanish for commitment to succeed in science, engineering or mathematics
  • Consistent good grades in Math and Science

CCNY STEM Institute Eligibility


  • Non-Credit for calculus I
  • Non-Credit for Engineering/Earth Sciences
  • FREE breakfast and lunch (for eligible students)
  • FREE textbooks and public transportation (for eligible students)
  • TWO elective high school credits for each successfully completed course
  • Academic and tutoring support services to help students be prepared for these new challenges
  • Career Information and Development Sessions
  • Information on College and Opportunities