What is STEM Institute

STEM is a challenging academic enrichment program designed to encourage talented Latinos, females, and under-represented minority and disadvantaged high school students currently enrolled in the 9th, 10th , and 11th grades to pursue careers in the field of engineering, computer science, science, business management, entrepreneurs, and mathematics.

The STEM Institute prepares students for the greater demands of college-level study and helps them adjust to campus life. It offers academic and tutoring support services designed to help students prepare for these new challenges.

The STEM Institute was initiated in 1992 with the support of NASA and CAHSEE to ensure that Hispanic Americans, female, and other under-represented minority students achieve academic excellence by means of a continuous programmatic support during their pre-college, undergraduate, and graduate years.

CCNY STEM Institute Eligibility

  • High School Average of 85% or higher
  • Math Average of 90% or higher
  • Math A Regent 90% or higher (10th & 11th)
  • Math B Regent 90% or higher (Calculus I)
  • Demonstrated “Ganas” – Spanish for commitment to succeed in science, engineering or mathematics
  • Consistent good grades in Math and Science

CCNY STEM Institute Eligibility


  • Academic and tutoring support services to help students be prepared for these new challenges
  • TWO elective high school credits for each successfully completed course
  • Career Information and Development Sessions
  • Information on College and Opportunities
  • FREE breakfast and lunch (for eligible students)
  • FREE textbooks and public transportation (for eligible students)